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A desk is not just some wood and metal, it is an object for which many of us spend several hours, of several days sitting at. So don’t settle for anything less than the exact desk which meets your every requirement. You may like a functional desk, a contemporary look, an executive feel, or one that adjusts in height for different users.

Once you have located the ideal desk, don’t forget the accessories! With a choice of cable management gadgets which ensure a tidy and trip free workspace or a noise reducing desk mounted screen that can also add some colour to your environment.

Some of our range...


Pure offers a value for money combination desk and pedestal design to cater for the demands of a competitive market place.


iBench offers a full compliment of desking, pedestal and storage solutions. Available as a fixed or sliding top system, iBench can be adapted to cluster footprints or individual workstations.


The range incorporates cantilever desking, pedestals, storage and accessories. Designed with style in mind, Qudos offers total practicality to any office environment.

Wave 'Lunar'

Fully upholstered with PVC trim and radiused corners.

Straight 'Trident Type 1'

Fully upholstered with aluminium frame.

Straight 'Horizon Type 4'

Acrylic aluminium framed screen with triple toolbar.

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