Solutions for Office, Workplace, Workshop and Warehouse

We strive to ensure every customer receives the best possible storage system for their needs with a product range that includes:

  • Lockers and Cupboards
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Industrial Shelving
  • Small Parts Storage
  • Construction Systems
  • Shelving Solutions
  • Pallet Racking and Warehousing
  • Some of our range...

    Wide Aisle Racking

    The standard and most popular form of pallet racking, wide aisle racking is ideal for most standard warehouse needs.

    Double Deep Racking

    Similar to standard or wide aisle pallet racking, Double Deep Racking uses the same principle of adjustable steel frames and beams to support goods.

    Mobile Pallet Racking

    Space saving pallet storage for warehouses across a range of different sectors.

    Mobile Shelving

    Mobile shelving can increase your storage capacity by 70% over conventional static storage.


    Longspan, also known as Widespan, is ideal for applications where long uninterrupted bays of shelving are required.

    Steel Lockers

    Five, ten, fifteen or twenty tier garment management lockers, which let your staff take control of their uniform.

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