Office storage with style

Whether you need to store boxes or file documents, our filing cabinets, cupboards and side opening tambours will work for you. Tailor a cabinet with internal fitments to suspend your files, or shelves to hold your folders. You may wish to consider space saving tambour doors or a narrower filing cabinet.

Some of our range...

Integrated Mobile Pedestals

The pedestal carcass is precision engineered from a one piece steel wrap with no visible seams or joins and offers exceptional strength characteristics.

Suspension filing units

These units create a high-density solution for A4 suspension filing.

Be By Bisley

Be by Bisley™ is not one solution but a plethora of possibilities to suit the different needs of individuals and businesses now as well as in the future. It can be rearranged and reconfigured whilst supporting an organisation’s ever-changing and evolving needs.


LateralFile has built a solid reputation and become Europe’s leading range of business specified steel storage.


The ideal recycling unit, three 50 litre recycling bins contained in a single LateralFile™ cupboard, with storage space below bins for bin liners and associated items.

Single Door Locking Cupboard

Different drawer heights are available with multi-compartment insert trays for small items making it a sound solution for office storage and beyond. Where better to store stationery?

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